Eco Scentsations

Socially Conscious Candle Company

Eco Scentsations is a sustainable, candle company, based out of Northeast Ohio.

With a commitment to sustainability, non-toxic ingredients, and giving back, founder Tori has been handcrafting candles since the company was founded in 2021.

The Plan

Video is an important part of a brand's marketing strategy. Research has shown that consumers prefer video content, and it consistently comes out on top when compared to other types of content. Videos can help you break down complex ideas, showcase a product or service, and share your brand story.

Tori wanted to create a lasting connection with her customers, a way to share her story in a way that was unique to her and her company. A brand film was the way to do that.

Brands need high quality content that can be repurposed in multiple ways to help market themselves. For this reason, we also wanted to capture enough high-quality footage that could be repurposed for other uses (including social media and email marketing).

The Approach

During the project kick-off meeting, we dove deeper into the essence of Eco Scentsations, and Tori's vision for the company. I learned not just the 'what' but the 'why' behind the company. Seeing Tori's passion and knowledge, it was clear that she should be the main character of the story. People relate to people and so founder stories are a great way to engage your audience, and share what drives the brands unique approach.

We opted for a series of friendly, conversational questions that would feel more like a conversation than a formal interview. This was more likely to evoke authentic responses and make the process more enjoyable for Tori.

As there was no script for this video, a mood board was created to get an idea of what the visuals should look like.

This mood board inspired not only the location we chose for the shoot, as well as any props that we would use.

The Result

After a successful shoot, and edit, the final result was a brand film that highlighted the essence of what Eco Scentsations is. It highlights Tori's reason for creating the company, but also talks about what makes it unique, and differentiates it from other candles, sustainable and otherwise.

The video was also broken down into smaller reels that could be shared across social channels such as Instagram, TikTok and YouTube shorts, to help with marketing. We also captured enough high-quality content and soundbites that can be repurposed into used as standalone pieces or repurposed for future use.
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"Working with Hello Avani was such a smooth and fun experience. Jigna brings not only her incredibly strong technical videography and storytelling skills to the table but also her upbeat, easygoing personality that brings out the best content. Her attention to detail and thoroughness were evident as we progressed through the process. Companies will not be disappointed to hire Hello Avani to portray their story!"
Tori Fafrak
Founder, Eco Scentsations
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